Long-term skeletal and dentoalveolar Open Access effects of hybrid rapid maxillary expansion and facemask treatment in growing skeletal Class III patients: a retrospective follow-up study

2022-11-23T07:44:25+01:0023 Novembre 2022|

Giuliano B. Maino, Francesca Cremonini, Giovanna Maino, Emanuele Paoletto, Matteo [...]

Severe transverse discrepancy in adult Class III patient: Parallel rapid palatal expansion with a bone-borne tandem expansion screws (TSE) followed by lingual fixed appliance for a non-surgical treatment: A case report

2022-11-23T07:39:44+01:0010 Gennaio 2022|

Francesca Cremonini, Maria Cristina Ansaloni, Antonio Cremonini, Bartolo Giuliano [...]

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